Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16)

2 thoughts on “Pray

  1. Dear Lord God,

    I thank You for waking me up this morning, my Lord, to have another day of life that You may use me to serve You and worship You, to serve and love others, and to lift up my hands to Your Holy Name in all of Its Glory. My Almighty Yah, You are so Kind and Loving, so Merciful and Patient, and You truly delight in all of our prayers, Lord, so this morning I’d like to lift up a very large prayer for You, for I have much on my heart to lift up to You.

    Heavenly Father, I thank You for all You have placed in my life who love me, care for me, guide me, and who are praying for me at this very moment. Bless them Mightily, my Lord. You know I have been struggling lately and that I was once brokenhearted, I was once alone, I was once empty, confused, and lost, and though the enemy tried to bring these things back to the surface, these things are no more. Bless and protect these dear ones and their families, my Lord. Strengthen them on their Walks and pour all of Your Love upon them, Father. I am so grateful they could lift up prayers to You on my behalf when I had felt so weak and discouraged to pray and even to read Your Word. Thank You for answering their prayers, my Lord, and healing and strengthening me from the enemy’s​ blow. Greater is He that is inside of me than he who is living in the world! Teach me how to put on all of Your Armor every day so that this does not happen again, my Lord, and weaken the enemy and confound and weaken his forces. Bind him and all principalities and powers of darkness in hell, and loose Your Kingdom and Your Heavenly Will on earth.

    Lord, I’d also like to lift up a prayer for A, who recently lost a member of her family. I pray for her and her family, Lord, that You comfort them during this time, lift them up and strengthen them, and pour Your Love upon them, yet show them that life is just dust and vanity and but a vapor and how serious of a matter it is to know You. For anyone can go at any moment, which is why it is so vital to share the Truth You have revealed to Your children. We must pull those that are in the dark out of the fire, and some we must pull out with great fear. For every soul lives on forever, and You do not want any to perish in the fire, but You give all a choice whether they want to accept You as Lord and Savior or to keep walking with the prince of this world. Lord, draw A and her family closer to You during this time and work Mightily in their lives so they will accept You.

    Lord God, I also pray for Y who has been struggling this week and getting hit by the enemy as well. I pray You comfort him, strengthen him, and uplift him. I pray that You draw him closer to You, protect him, and let not the enemy weaken him from what he has gone through. Protect his daughter and keep her out of harm’s way and out of the enemy’s reach. Use her to draw her mother to You and soften her mother’s heart. Provide for the needs of my brother Y and save his whole family. Work in his family Mightily to pull each member out of the darkness and into the Light. I pray this prayer for every member of my family as well, including my sisters’s boyfriends, my friends J T, N A, A P, P J, H P, and their families and friends, and all of my co-workers and their families as well. Pull them all out of the darkness, soften their hearts, and protect them from the wiles and schemes of the enemy. Work Mightily in their lives, Lord God, to bring your lost sheep back home to You. I also pray for my friend C W that you continue to strengthen him and draw him closer to you, protecting his family and friends from the enemy.

    Lord God, I pray for all of my brothers and sisters to be strengthened on their Walks, to be united, and to continue to mature in the Spirit. I pray for R and A and their families, for brothers L G, J D, brother F, brothers J and B, sisters J K, S, N, C, L B, and all of their families and those whose names I do not recollect or those I do not know but whose names You know. I also pray for C and F, that You strengthen them on their Walks, give them the Tools they need to answer the Calling You have placed on their lives, and protect and bless them. I pray for Your Blessing and Protection upon everyone in my church home and their families, that You strengthen us as a unit, and that you pull those out of the darkness in my church that have not accepted You as Lord. I pray for A and O and MG and the children of our church and D and P and W. Lord God, work Mightily to soften their hearts and show them how wonderful it is to be free in You! I pray for division in Your church body to be obliterated, and I pray for any strongholds in the lives of all of these names I lift up to you to be torn down and cast down. I pray for those that do not know You to be delivered from all sin, evil, and temptation and all bondages that are chaining them.

    Lord God, those that are suffering in Your Name or being persecuted or fleeing for their lives, I pray that You protect them, comfort them, strengthen them, and supply and provide for their needs. Let them know they are not forgotten. I pray for those in underground churches and those that have ministries for You in other countries. Protect, bless, and strengthen them all! Lord God, weaken, scatter, confound, and bind the enemy and his forces and let Your Heavenly Will be released and Your Kingdom come!

    Before I close my prayer, Lord God, I pray for your forgiveness for all my sins, transgressions, and wrongdoings that I am and am not aware of and for all of the mistakes I have made, things I have said, done, and even thought that I should not have, not praying or reading as much as I should have, allowing the enemy to weaken me and being stubborn and disobedient and allowing my flesh to rise instead of Your Spirit. Lord, wash me, cleanse me, and make my Robe as white as snow. Crucify my flesh and let Your Spirit increase inside of me. I repent of everything to You, my Lord, and pray for Your Mercy upon my soul.

    Blessed be the Name of my Lord God, forever. Oh Holy, Holy, Holy One, I will praise You and lift up my hands to You. I will seek You and only You. Bring me closer to You, my Lord, and let everything that comes between You and me be removed. Break me so You can use my vessel for Your Mighty Purpose and Your Glory. All Glory and Honor be to my Lord Most High, my Almighty, Precious Yah forever!

    In Jesus’s Name I pray, Amen.


  2. Dear Lord God,

    I come before You, my Lord, to lift up a prayer for my brother. Father, he is very weak and vulnerable right now. I pray that You help him recover, forgive him for his faults and his sins, cleanse him and cover him in Your Blood to keep him safe, strengthen him, pour Your Love upon him, and cradle him in Your Arms. He’s hurting, lost, and broken right now, my Lord. Comfort Your son, Lord God, and forgive him for his sins. The enemy deceived him, Lord, and used his weaknesses against him. Father, uplift him, carry him, and any negative thoughts or emotions that are not of the Spirit, remove them from his mind and from his heart. Purify him, my Lord, sanctify him, and draw him closer to You. Help him become stronger, Lord God, and learn from this so he does not fall again. Be with him and in the midst of him and his family. Protect him and keep him safe. Deliver him from all evil, sins, and temptations. Keep him alert and mindful that he must put on Your Armor every day, mend his heart, and hold him tightly, Father.

    I pray this in Jesus’s Name, Amen.


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