Beginning Your Walk with Christ

I am going to share a few basic things that are important for you to know as a new believer. Perhaps one of the very first things you should know is that your goal for every day of your Walk is to become more and more like Jesus Himself (see 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 6:11, Ephesians 2:10, Ephesians 4:22-24, Ephesians 5:1-2). You will also need to learn to discern what’s around you so you can keep on the straight path that leads to Jesus (see Matthew 7:13).

It is important to remember that we are in the end times (which is another blog post in itself, so I will not delve into that in this post), so you must be extra careful and cautious to guard yourself against being swayed by false or man-made doctrines and beliefs, which can easily make you deviate from the straight path. The enemy is out there ready to devour anyone who will allow him to (see 1 Peter 5:8). As a more mature believer, it is my duty and the duty of all other mature believers to guard and protect the flock (see John 21:15-17). When you become a mature believer, you, too, will then become responsible for guarding and protecting the young believing lambs.

In regards to your Bible reading (as you should read your Bible regularly), you should keep in mind the whole Bible is a mirror or reflection of Jesus, from beginning to end. The more you study the Bible and seek the Truth, the more the Holy Spirit will show you how every story and every symbol that has been written in the Bible all point to the Lord (e.g., Noah’s Ark is a “type” of Christ, the end of days before the Lord returns will be like the days of Noah [see Luke 17:26], etc.). Everything that was written was carefully selected and written for a reason. Remember this, but don’t get carried away.

As a final word of advice for all young believers who do not know where or how to begin their Walk with Christ: read the New Testament first (beginning with the Gospel of Matthew through to Revelation), then read the Old Testament, then re-read the New Testament. (The New Testament [NT] is a fulfillment of the Old Testament [OT], not to mention the OT is also a lot more “meatier” than the NT, which is why it is best to read the NT first and then the OT.) You should also keep up with current events, be mindful of things that have happened throughout history (history tends to repeat itself), and be mindful of false teachings and doctrines so you can guard yourself from them as well as others. It is also important to start memorizing Scripture and especially important to become part of a true fellowship with other members that belong to the Body of Christ.

Putting all of the above into practice will help you become a well-rounded believer. If you have any questions, as I am sure you will since I very briefly went through some of the basics I wanted to touch upon, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below.

God bless you.