The Spiritual Principles of Bearing Good Fruit

To bear good fruit for the Lord is quite a process, my buttercup, and does not necessarily come about in the order we will discuss, but be sure to pocket these Pearls from the Lord deep into the folds of your heart….

First, one must be fully in the Spirit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)

This one may seem to be a given, my little love, but if only this were so. For if only you knew how many walk not fully in the Spirit, or convince themselves they are fully clothed in the Spirit, yet allow their flesh to penetrate through the Finely Woven Threads of God’s Robe and then labor in the flesh, not in the Spirit. Be very cautious of this.

Second, you must rely on the Spirit’s Wisdom and not on puny, finite human knowledge, for God’s Truth can never be refuted, nor does It return void. After all, it is God’s Word coming out of your mouth that brings Life, not your own mouth, or your own words. You must remember where your place is: you are just the instrument that God is using. It is Him at Work, not you. The Sweet Rhythms of Life and the Melody and Hum of Salvation come from Him, not from you. Remember this.

Take note of this also, dear one: by relying on your own knowledge, you can labor for hours, days, weeks, and years, but you will only bear dead fruit. But when you are equipped with the Spirit’s Power and rest in God’s Wisdom, you can bear handfuls, basketfuls, hundreds, even thousands of good fruit, instantly.

Finally, my little peach, you must pray, watch, listen, and ask:

Pray. Do not go seeking for opportunities on your own, but pray for them to come your way, and be alert and ready when they do. Pray to be made ready to be used by the Lord, for He must prepare His clay first before it can be used. Pray also once a seed has been dropped so the Lord can give it root, nourish it, and make it grow.

Watch and listen. The Lord will bring opportunities to you, but you must watch carefully for them. He may also give you Direct Instruction, but you must listen closely for It. If you do not watch or listen, opportunities will be missed.

Ask. You must ask to be filled with the Spirit and ask for the Lord’s Power, Strength, and Wisdom. The more you ask for, the more you will have. And the more obedient and submissive you are, the quicker He can work. How quickly or how slowly this process will move, therefore, is truly up to you, my sweet, for the more you desire to be used, the more He will use you.

One final thought for you to bite into, my little lamb, before we go. Be patient, be still, and just be. Like a jelly jar sitting and waiting to be filled to serve its purpose. It cannot move, so it waits until someone or something comes to fill it. Once it has been filled with its delicious jelly, it is ready to be emptied. Hungry hands that starve to taste the jelly will reach into the jar and take the jelly away. All the while, the jar just sits there. Once the jar is emptied, it sits and waits until it is filled and used again.

You are the jar; the Lord is the Supplier. The Lord will do. You just have to be.